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Dobel – our “Sun Island” is settled in the midst of seemingly endless forests on top of a high plateau. Due to its prime location, overlooking most of the beautiful and fairytale-like region of the Northern Black Forest, Dobel enjoys more sunshine than the surrounding areas. We are known for our excellent air and the spa climate conditions, resulting in wellbeing and a special touch with nature for our guests. Be it for recreation, hiking, Nordic Walking, or biking – we are sure to offer something special to everyone!

Feel the fascination of the Northern Black Forest and get close to an untouched nature on our more than 100 miles (160km) of unspoiled hiking trails around Dobel, which is also the first leg of the world famous “Westweg”. An experience so pristine that will make every outdoor aficionado’s heart beat faster!

Winter is the time of snow activities in Dobel! Sled- and ski hills are waiting for you to enjoy the cold time of the year. Make sure you do not miss Dobel’s No. 1 event during the winter season: The annual Sled Dog Race with over 60 teams from all over Germany.

We, the Ruff Family, are Doblers with body and soul and we are looking forward to sharing the beauties and secrets of our community and the surrounding areas with you so that you can experience our home in a way that only locals can.